Four More Years!

Alternative title: May the 9th Be With You

Killing Gravity was published on the 9th of May, 2017, which means it’s been 4 years since I started this (hopefully long) journey of building a writing career for myself.

[Killing Gravity cover art by Tommy Arnold]
It’s easy for me to look at Repo Virtual‘s plague year launch and feel dejected, but 4 years later people are still discovering the VoidWitch Saga books for the first time, and they’re tweeting and gramming about how much they love the books, and reminding me that books can have long tails. As long as the books are “in print” (scare quotes because I’m sure a lot of people are discovering the ebooks and audiobooks), then they’ll continue to find their audience… Largely thanks to reviews and support from my fantastic, beautiful readers. To everyone who’s talked up my books online and off, who’s taken the time to write a review, and who’s reached out with kind words for my work, thank you. You make this all worthwhile.

They say the best promotion an author can do for their book is to release the next one, and I’m hard at work editing it now, ready to go on sub to agents (hopefully) next month. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, I’m keeping busy. There’s the nothing here newsletter, the Buddies Without Organs podcast, and a new collaborative fiction project in the works, not to mention a line of t-shirt designs I plan to launch soon via Oh Nothing Press. Oh, and an anthology that commissioned a story from me, and another video-related project, another collab story that just needs final edits before we get it out into the world, and on and on. Berserker mode, as usual.

Thanks for joining me on this ride.

And just in case you need a prompt, buy my books 😉

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Corey J. White

Corey J. White is the author of Repo Virtual and The VoidWitch Saga – Killing Gravity, Void Black Shadow, and Static Ruin – published by Publishing. They studied writing at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, and are now based in Melbourne, Australia.

6 thoughts on “Four More Years!”

  1. A very random question: what does Oxeneer mean? Is it a song reference? I am doing a YT video featuring Voidwitch Saga and translating a short excerpt into Polish… could you help with that?

    1. Thanks for reaching out. I can’t help with an actual definition (sorry!), but I can confirm it’s a reference to the These Arms Are Snakes album Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home. There’s a few names throughout the trilogy that I borrowed from TAAS or Genghis Tron.

      For a literal translation, maybe you could make a portmanteau out of oxen and the last part of pioneer? Something like wołynier – though that’s from google so it might be an awful translation.

      1. Thanks! Much appreciated! 🙂 If it’s a reference to TAAS (as I suspected ;-)), I will leave it as is, especially as my channel has sorta-kinda musical roots (I am making these videos as a tribute to a cancelled radio programme that used to be broadcast on Polish national radio every full moon).

        1. Yeah, they were a huge influence on me when it came to envisioning the series – I even thought of the plot of Killing Gravity in terms of the dynamic interchange between noise and quiet of their albums.

          Thanks for keeping my work in mind, and good luck with the channel!

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