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I have long been a fan of the newsletter as a form, largely thanks to Warren Ellis and his various newsletters over the years (I seriously think today’s Republic of Newsletters is largely built on a foundation that Warren built), and wanted to throw my hat into the ring. But, writing an entire newsletter alone seemed like too much work and too much stress. Do I have enough interesting opinions? Even if I did, would anyone care?

So, I decided to rope in some friends/colleagues/lovers to help build something that is (AFAIK) new in the newsletter space – the usual collection of links and recommendations, but from a group of people, with room for a conversational back and forth. I think of it like a podcast in text form.

If you’re here at this website, then you already know who I am, but let me introduce the rest of the nothinghere team:

  • Marlee Jane Ward – Writer, reader, weirdo. Author of ‘Welcome To Orphancorp’ and ‘Psynode’. Host of Catastropod. ADHD, spec fic, feminism, cats. Melbourne, Australia.
  • Austin Armatys – Writer/Teacher/Wretched Creature –  Darwin, Australia, Twitter, Brain Worms @austinarmatys
  • John English – Photographer – Solvent Image. Writer of upcoming comic CEL. Based in Brisbane, Australia @Herts_Solvent
  • m1k3y – Apocalyptic Wallfacer-Futurist. Resident of the alien earth. @m1k3y

Once we feel like we’ve established ourselves and fallen into a groove with the newsletter, we’re also going to open it up to guest issues. It’s been an interesting and entertaining experiment so far, and I’m hoping we can keep it going for a long while to come.

Currently we’re planning on dropping a new issue every fortnight, so go over here and subscribe. Issue 0002 will drop July 14th.

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Corey J. White

Corey J. White is the author of Killing Gravity, Void Black Shadow, and Static Ruin. He studied writing at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, and is now based in Melbourne, Australia.

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