Static Ruin ARC Giveaway

I’ve been waiting on my Static Ruin ARCs to arrive, and whilst the first batch very possibly went missing in transit, my fantastic editor Carl Engle-Laird organised some more for me!

Now that the books are here, it’s time for a GIVEAWAY. I am giving away 2 paperback galleys of Static Ruin, signed, stamped, and otherwise scribbled in upon request.

How to enter:

  1. Write an honest review for Killing Gravity and/or Void Black Shadow, and post it to Amazon or Goodreads. If you’ve already written a review – thank you – don’t worry, you don’t have to write a new one.
    NB: I’m not telling you what to write or how to rate the book, but it does have to be a written review, not just a rating (and I’d hope you liked the books if you’re keen to read the third, but hey, you do you).
  2. Screenshot your review and post it to twitter and/or instagram with the hashtag #staticruin
    Double check the spelling, otherwise I might miss your post! (I constantly mistype it as The VoidWitch Sage… which, come to think of it, must be what you use to cleanse your new spaceship before moving in…)
    Post it to facebook too if you want. I won’t be checking there, but you’ll be helping spread the word further 😉
  3. Entries close 12th of September 2018. After I’ve collated all entries, I’ll use an RNG to pick 2 winners, 1 from twitter, 1 from instagram. I’ll reply, comment, or DM you in order to get a postal address (you’ll be able to send that to me by email, I don’t expect anyone to publicly share their address).
    Only 1 ARC per person, so if the same person wins on both platforms, I’ll re-roll the pool with the largest number of entries.

Finer details:

  1. No regional restrictions. If I can send it there via Australia Post, I will do so. I am paying for shipping out of my own pocket, but if you live in a country with taxes/fees for receiving imported goods, you’ll need to take care of that at your end, so please be aware.
  2. No purchase necessary (libraries are magic!). No follow, retweet, or like required. Though you will have to respond when I ask for your address. If I don’t get a response within 3 days, I’ll pick another winner.
  3. Because Twitter and Instagram winners are picked separately, you can post to both to double your chances of winning. Also, Void Black Shadow reviews count double. I’m really proud of the book, but with a sequel it’s always harder to reach people.
    So, in theory, you could write a review of each book on Amazon or Goodreads, screenshot it and post it to both Twitter and Instagram for a total of 6 entries in the draw (2 from Killing Gravity, 4 from Void Black Shadow). Make sense?

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Corey J. White

Corey J. White is the author of Killing Gravity, Void Black Shadow, and Static Ruin. He studied writing at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, and is now based in Melbourne, Australia.

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